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We’re bookkeepers that love growing businesses. We start by giving you more time and creating order from chaos. Then we help you understand what’s really happening in your business with easy to understand reports and regular performance reviews. And we also go one step further, and that’s to proactively work alongside you to help make growth happen


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About Glenn


Glenn is an experienced manager with broad knowledge in all aspects of accounting, lending and financial management, having direct experience with companies involved in the construction, lending, transport and logistics and retail sectors.

You’ll find the advice you get from Glenn is commercially savvy and grounded in the reality of what it takes to run a small business in today’s challenging environment. He leads a successful team invested and focussed on building relationships based on trust and reliability. 

A doting father, husband and an avid Baseball player, Glenn Talbot lives a life that is full and rich. His passion for looking after people makes him a beloved business associate and friend to many both in his personal life and his business life.